Correspondence Policy


Correspondence Policy

Your confidential communications with an attorney of the Law Firm of Duane St. Pierre, PC regarding your legal concerns does not mean that this Firm, or an attorney with this Firm, has agreed to represent you in any legal matter.

Before this Firm, or an attorney with this Firm, will represent you in any legal matter, you will be required to sign a “Contract For Professional Services.” When you decide to proceed with your legal matter, as you have every right to do, please call us and we will make arrangements for you to sign a “Contract For Professional Services” with this Firm. 

* Caution!! Please be advised that e-mail is not protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege.  There is no expectation of privacy when using the internet.  Please be careful of what you disclose! 

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The content of this website is provided by The Law Firm of Duane St Pierre, PC and Duane J. St. Pierre (collectively “attorney”) for informational purposes. It is general in nature and should not be relied on as a basis for any legal opinion, action or conclusion. The content of this site is not intended to constitute a representation that attorney will provide legal services in any state other than Illinois. Accordingly, attorney will not accept employment in any jurisdiction other than Illinois through a written representation and fee agreement. 

Further, visiting this site does not constitute engagement with any person, party or entity for legal services with the attorney for any purpose or purposes. 

Attorney does not seek to represent any person or entity directly or indirectly based solely on a visit or visits to this site. No visitor to this site should provide any confidential communication or time-sensitive information to attorney prior to acceptance of that person, party or entity (or the party or entity said person represents,) as a client or potential client. Information sent to attorney by Internet email or through this site is not secure and is done on a non-confidential basis. By using Internet email or this site to contact attorney, you agree that the text of your communication and any other information you send does not constitute confidential information. 

The use of the Internet, email and/or other form of communication with attorney does not establish an attorney-client relationship nor does it otherwise obligate attorney to act on your behalf or on behalf of any third party (be they persons, parties or entities of any nature or kind). No attorney-client relationship is established unless the visitor to this site (person, party, entity, or third party) and attorney sign a written representation and fee agreement. 

Answers and information of any kind provided on this site, in a FAQs section or otherwise, are not necessarily exhaustive. Attorney will respond to requests for communication as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours on normal business days during office hours. Accordingly, if you have an urgent legal matter and you have not yet since and discussed the matter in person with the attorney, then you should strongly consider contacting another lawyer immediately (as there may be a statute of limitations or other deadline that will forever bar you from asserting your legal rights unless you act immediately). 


The copying, transfer, uploading or other form of appropriation of any personal photo or content appearing in this website without prior written authorization is strictly prohibited.